“I was struggling with mental distress, anxiety and addiction

I approached The Academy for Five Element Acupuncture My junior year of college while writing up a story about Eastern verse Western medicine for my Journalism course.

I met Jacqueline soon after that. I was struggling with mental distress, anxiety and addiction, and I had also started seeing a therapist at that time. Jacqueline treated me over the past couple of years and helped me to overcome a lot of emotional and mental barriers through acupuncture. 
For me personally, these treatments worked from the inside and made their way out. Whereas a lot of my other resources seemed to act as band aids that covered up the wound only topically. 
Jacqueline was incredibly tentative and patient with me. She loves her line of work, and is incredibly knowledgeable, and very willing to share that knowledge. I found the entire experience to be incredibly enlightening. I learned a lot about myself, and I think that over time, I gained a lot of my confidence and stability back.
I would recommend Jacqueline to anyone, whether you have had acupuncture done in the past, or even if you are a new to the idea and might be a little skeptical about Eastern medicine. I can assure you that it is worth the try.

— Madison, 25, engineer

it helped lessen the daily pain of arthritis and fatigue

While I considered acupuncture very relaxing I didn’t have much faith that it was actually working. Then, Jacqueline introduced me to 5 Elements Acupuncture. During the course of 2 years and then some, I came to realize the true benefits of acupuncture. I wasn’t sure if it was working at first but then I noticed that I started feeling better after my treatments. I knew something was changing as it helped lessen the daily pain of arthritis and fatigue I was experiencing. I’m convinced that it helped me cope with the anxiety that accompanies a serious medical illness and helped me get through that.  Also the herbs she recommended to me for intestinal problems worked great! Jacqueline is a knowledgeable and competent practitioner and I would highly recommend anyone to her care.

— Donna, 65, EEG Technician

This tradition of acupuncture has brought me deeper levels of healing than I have found other therapies to be capable of. Jacqueline was the first person I met at acupuncture school. I felt immediately comfortable with her and could tell that she was deeply trustworthy, and I asked her if she would treat me in the clinic. I did not know then what a guardian angel and invaluable ally she would become for me. Her treatments have supported me not only through the challenges of school but through several big transitions in my life - getting married, several big moves. Her support has allowed for a deepened awareness and understanding through these changes as well as greater fluidity in navigating internal and external challenges. Jacqueline's nature is present, perceptive, caring and engaged, and I have felt impeccably held during our sessions. I am very grateful for the support Jacqueline has provided!

— Kendall, 33, acupuncture student and herbalist

I got much more than I expected.”

I had thought about acupuncture but might have never incorporated it into my life had Jacqueline not called me.  She began treating me in the weeks leading up to me driving to and through Colorado alone.  I received my first 3 "clearing treatments" before I left.  The first treatment, I walked in limping and walked out normally.  I was amazed!  I had the most incredible experience driving so far with my channels clear.  I consider this to be one of the best times of my life.  My perspective was changed.  The vast landscapes of the West have always been humbling of r me, but this was different.  I attribute a large part of this clarity I was experiencing to Jacqueline's work.  

I continued seeing her until she left Gainesville (Fall 2017).  I have noticed that my overall pain levels have been greatly reduced as well as my responses to stress.  I find it easier to take a step back and approach things with more objectivity, instead of just freaking out.  I relate this change to Jacqueline's treatment as well.  I got much more than I expected.  

I always felt very comfortable with Jacqueline.  She has a great understanding of the human condition and where we tend to harbor and hold ourselves back, emotionally and physically.  She is both pragmatic and empathetic, sensitive to all sorts of distress with the gift of seeing objectively as well.  Her compassion is welcoming and opening.  

—  Shauna, 44, massage therapist

What I found was more than just the physical need but also a path to mental well-being.

This year I turned 60 years old and I also turned to acupuncture to cure the stiffness and soreness that comes from being a carpenter for 35 plus years. What I found was more than just the physical need but also a path to mental well-being.

Acupuncture is not new to me and my experience with needles was not good 15 plus years ago. I was suffering from back pain and I tried two treatments, whether it was from my fear of needles or a question of too much too quickly, both treatments made me physically ill.

So, when I say I came back to acupuncture as a skeptic, you should understand why. Under the encouragement from my girlfriend and the stories of how “Glorious she felt” after a session with Jacqueline, how could I say no? I made my first appointment almost a year ago after learning she used more than just needles to move and adjust my Chi. Besides the moxibustion and needles, Jacqueline has a personal touch that opens one up to more than a doctor – patient relationship, going beyond the physical self and into all the different levels of self.

From the beginning, Jacqueline’s professionalism had her quoting other western medical professionals from my past, “Sometimes we can’t do it alone and we need help. I’m here to help you.” She managed to help me feel better without foreign chemicals and when she asked me, “how does that make you feel?” I felt she was actually interested in my answer. Her power of deduction and experience had her discovering problems I was having that I had not even mentioned.

Jacqueline's gentle touch and her calming, positive communication skills, provide a beneficial experience in balancing my chi flow and aiding in my mental and physical well-being.

— Bill, 60, carpenter

As a busy farmer and person who is historically bad at self care, I found Jacqueline and five elements acupuncture while clutching precariously close to the end of my rope. I was in need of a push, I felt emotionally stuck and wasn’t able to see a path forward. Jacqueline was incredibly engaged and solid, from our first session to our last. I felt instantly comfortable with her and together, through acupuncture, we were able to make incredible progress in my ability to move through my sticking points and feel empowered while doing it. In the year that I saw Jacqueline I was able to make some fundamental and beautiful shifts for myself. I am grateful for her caring and kind approach and for all of the progress we made together. I wish we still lived in the same city, I miss her so!

— Emily, 32, farmer, dog musher, explorer

nothing has reduced the pain more than acupuncture

"I want to say that my first four acupuncture treatments have significantly healed constant neck, back, elbow and knee pains that I have had for quite some time. Although some therapy help, nothing has reduced the pain more than acupuncture. I have recommended it to several friends that have constant pain so that they would attempt trying something new and safer then over the counter drugs. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture in today’s world, you will leave the office with a completely different mindset then when you came in with. Jacqueline has been a complete blessing to me. I appreciate her caring touch, her holistic knowledge and her ability to listen I am very happy with the results and the results that were given to me. I can’t say you thank you enough."

— Cedric, 36, national guard