Taoists respect the fact that generally speaking there are a lot of emotions, and if they appear to be indifferent to emotion it is not because they despise them but because they want to be successful in dealing with the situation. They know that a lot of this is the calming of emotions, so that is the reason why emotions are part of Chinese medical treatment, much more than in Western medicine. In Western medicine we simply do not care about the temper or the actual situation of the person, and must administer remedies and counselling which may be counteractive. That is the big problem! The conflict between Western and Chinese medicine very often lies there.

— The Seven Emotions: Psychology and Health in Ancient China by Claude Larre, Elizabeth Rochat & Caroline Root


When we think of human illness or disease it is often viewed through the scope of the physical realm. This view can be limiting and if we want to treat the root of illness we need to consider the whole being in terms of body, mind, and spirit.

To find balance in my own life, I have sought out knowledge of healing modalities as patient, teacher, and trainer. My personal struggle to heal early wounds led me to study human behavior, yoga for trauma survival, integrative nutrition, plant medicine, psychotherapy, art therapy, equine therapy, oriental medicine, breath work, and bodywork. I was a successful corporate executive for decades until I realized that my life was intended for another path. I wanted to experience real joy, be free from the trauma of my past and to support others in their recovery of balance.

In 2012 I returned to school to study Chinese Medicine at a school in Florida for Five Elements which follows the tradition of Professor J.R. Worsley. At the same time I met Laura Stelmok, the director of the teaching clinic, The Virtue of HeavenEarth, located in Maine. I finished my formal education with the Academy of Five Elements and obtained National licensure. In 2017 I relocated to Maine to continue this life-changing training under the guidance of Laura Stelmok and to work with the group of dedicated practitioners that comprise the student body of The Virtue of HeavenEarth (www.virtueofheavenearth.org). 

“The Virtue of HeavenEarth is an institute to preserve the practice, teaching and study of 5 Element Acupuncture and Taoist alchemical medicine.” – Laura Clarke Stelmok

I have experienced an incredible change in my life since following this path. Witnessed and been part of real miracles for patients with trauma, addiction (food, drug, alcohol) and disease on all levels. I am dedicated to offering my experience, knowledge, and commitment to patients that come to me seeking change and balance. I humbly offer myself as a vehicle for the tradition of Taoist Medicine to reach those people that come to the practice I have called WarmCurrent.

— Jacqueline Plachta
B. Sc, M. Ac, Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM)